Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Renaissance Festival

Shazer won some tickets to the renaissance festival a few months ago. We finally used them Saturday March 28th. I took Shule and Shazer, it was the first time for all of us. We walked around a lot and saw a lot of shows, including: pipers and drums, humorous clowns, jugglers, a whip cracker, a large fowl show (falcons, owls and vultures), and jousting. Along with the numerous shows there was ample opportunity to spend a lot of money on all manner of crafts, clothing and food. We just window shopped as we walked around the park in between shows. A few things that stand out from wandering around the market were the ladies spinning wool into yarn, weaving fancy tapestries and the blacksmith with a very impressive bellows stoking a very hot fire. The boys had a good time, Shazer especially is interested in the sword fighting element so he was excited to see the dramatic jousting presentations (see video below). Shule liked the jokes that the jugglers told. He got tired but I convinced him we should stay longer and we would get to see some interesting things that we wouldn't see anywhere else. He stuck it out. Please view the full web photo album.