Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preliminary Experiments With BJTs

I've just begun to experiment with bipolar transistor amplifier configurations powered by a 9V battery and this circuit gave an interesting clipped sound. I also made one that gave a clean boost but that's not as interesting to listen to. The output of the circuit was fed into a Roland keyboard amplifier. Interestingly (and a little sadly) when I got out the guitar to test this it was the first time I had touched it in months. The next circuit I tried had high current through one branch and it fried a pnp device in about ten seconds! I'll have to put my experiments aside for a while because of a heavy school load, lots of boring school assignments to finish this week.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Setting Up Shop

These are my new lab partners: Sophie, Shazer, Shule and Sally.
They are helping me set up an electronics lab at the house. My only piece of test equipment is a handheld digital multimeter but I've started designing a simple DC Voltage source which I've been collecting some components for. After building that I will make a preamp for a ribbon mic I have.

I just got way too busy to keep up with the circuit of the day postings, in place of that I'll start updating how my projects are going. School has been busy, I've found out that layout can be very time consuming but also I've been distracted by planning my own side projects, which I'm getting very interested in. Here's to playing safely with electricity!