Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Many Changesfor Summer 2010

We have moved, it's about a 5 mile drive south west of our old location. The new house offers more space, a garage, a backyard area, a friendly neighborhood with schools and a great park nearby. We are glad to be leaving the old apartment, I've lived there longer than anywhere else second to the Rosewood house. I think everyone in the family is taking to the new house quite well.

I also started working as an intern at ON Semiconductor in the protection group which handles parts designed to protect devices mostly from electro static discharge; you don't want to kill your cell phone or laptop because you rubbed your feet on the carpet a little too much. Within the protection group I will be working with Zener diodes and TVS arrays. I am very happy about this opportunity and I believe it should set me up to be more employable come next summer when I will have graduated. This summer internship could extend into the fall semester, we will have to wait and see.

Now the bad news, we had a transmission failure in our van! I guess the '98-'01 model Odyssey doesn't have the best transmission. It will be out of the shop Wednesday and will be paid for with the help from some insurance money from our burglary incident which happened 4 weeks ago for those who hadn't heard.

All in all, things are going along pretty well I suppose. I'm sure pictures of summer activities with the kids will follow.