Wednesday, August 20, 2008

getting down to the rudiments


On craigslist I met a Mr. Smith who lives in Maricopa and needed to sell his drums because his dog cries and complains every time he tries to play them. He doesn't like strangers coming into his house so he met me in the parking lot of a school and we did the transaction. I went to shake his hand upon greeting him and he pulled away putting his hands together in praying position and did a little bow while saying "please don't take offense". None was taken but Mr. Smith was turning out to be a real character. He sold me his drums for an extremely cheap price, that's the only way I'd be getting drums. I don't go on craigslist often but I'd been looking specifically for drums this summer and as soon as this ad was posted I jumped on it because I knew it wouldn't last 24 hours. The drums are of decent quality, Premier brand but the cymbals it came with are indistinguishable from scrap metal. Marisa had no problem with me bringing these into the house, we are hoping one of our kids will want to learn eventually and we can have a family band. For now, I'm the one who plays them and I'll get some tension out between school assignments by banging on them a bit.
Soon I will record them and add some drums to a song I'm working on. The song is called "Lonely Eyes" and it's turning out really well. Tonight I just recorded an electric guitar solo for the song and I think it's one of my best solos yet. The main part of the song is very moody and minimalistic, when the guitar comes in it's a very strong and dynamic moment.
I haven't recorded the vocals yet but a funny thing happened when I was recording just a rough vocal take to get make sure everything was fitting together. Marisa was watching TV at the time and some of the sound from it was getting picked up by the microphone, just as the last note is playing you can distinctly hear the phrase "nobody wants to die Bobby" loud and clear. I don't even know what show it was from but it sounds really cool and I think I'm going to leave it in the mix. Something for you all to look forward to!


Anne said...

Marisa doesn't mind when you play drums in the house? Wow, she's more patient than I am.

Lorin said...

So this quote is from the last episode in the second season of some show called "My Boys".